beginners day saturdays, no electronic loaders allowed, to slow the rate of fire for new players to enjoy!

Airsoft fields
near Springfield & hartford

Airsoft field near Springfield

From ages six to 70, everyone can have fun playing  Airsoft at our fields near Springfield, MA.

If you’ve been searching online for an awesome “airsoft field near me,”  Xtreme Paintball near Springfield is the answer! 

Escape to our outdoor fields near Springfield and play the exciting game of  Airsoft! 

The excitement of airsoft!

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What is Airsoft?

Airsoft at our fields near Springfield offers a similar experience to paintball, without the paint! Airsoft replicates a military combat experience with authentic looking weapons that use small plastic pellets. Airsoft today is a competitive team shooting sport where players eliminate opposing players. 

Airsoft originated from Japan in the early 1970s, where Ichiro Nagata thought about making model guns, or guns that do not shoot and are made for modeling purposes, shoot real projectiles that could not kill. These “guns” were trademarked as “soft air gun,” tailoring to the needs of shooting enthusiasts while conforming to Japan’s strict gun control. The name “soft air” referred to the compressed Freon-silicone oil mixture (later replaced by a propane-silicone oil mixture known as “Green Gas”) that was used as a propellant, which was significantly weaker than the carbon dioxide used in proper airguns (pellet guns and BB guns).

Originally designed for target shooting, their plastic pellets can be shot at humans without causing injury and this became popular for casual wargames, which the Japanese called survival games (サバイバルゲーム, sabaibaru gēmu). Airsoft guns spread to the UK in the late 1980s and early 1990s with a company called LS. The guns were sold in pieces and had to be assembled before they were capable of shooting pellets. Airsoft equipment was designed to closely emulate real guns.

Since the mid-1980s, airsoft guns have been adapted with a purely recreational application in mind, and the sport is enjoyed by all ages. Airsoft replicas are produced globally. Many law enforcement agencies and military units within the United States now use Airsoft for force-on-force training drills.




(no rental gear)
$ 25
(plus tax)
per player
  • All day admission
  • Unlimited air (with own tank)

airsoft rental

$ 50
(plus tax)
per player
  • All day Admission
  • Full face mask
  • M4 AEG airsoft gun
  • 300 bbs

Airsoft Party Package

  • 2 hours of play
  • Full face mask
  • M4 AEG airsoft gun
  • 300 bbs
  • Personal referee
  • Access to ALL playing fields, including Nuketown!

Airsoft is great for groups!

Everyone loves airsoft – kids AND adults!

And it’s great for groups!

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Company team building

company team building

Airsoft is awesome for your next corporate event near Springfield!
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Birthday parties

birthday parties

Airsoft is great for birthday parties near Springfield for all ages!
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Church and Youth Groups

Church and youth groups

Airsoft is a great outdoor adventure for church and youth groups near Springfield!
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bachelor parties

bachelor parties

Found out who the best man really is - host your Airsoft bachelor party at Xtreme Paintball near Springfield!
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