beginners day saturdays, no electronic loaders allowed, to slow the rate of fire for new players to enjoy!

speedball field

Paintball & Airsoft Field
near Springfield & hartford

speedball field

Our front field near Springfield, the speedball field, is a fast-paced, action-packed field! It is 220 feet long by 120 feet wide. Speedball games can be watched from the parking lot and staging area. This is also the field we use for the PeeWee Paintball | Splatmaster parties!

kid playing speedball

the action never stops
on the speedball field!

Our paintball & airsoft fields

We have seven different fields near Springfield to keep your Paintball and Airsoft play exciting!  We often use the entire woodsball field for big games and special events, combining multiple fields for an exhilarating experience. 

We have a netted viewing area for parents, friends, and family to come down and watch the games without having to wear full face paintball masks.

map of fields at Xtreme Paintball

check out our other fields
near springfield


You've seen it on your video games, now come and PLAY IT! We've built a field based on Nuketown and the action is NON STOP! Dodge enemy fire as you make your way from building to building, stopping at the bus for some cover. Make sure you work with your teammates to advance on this incredible field!


The Village field is one of our original fields. Designed around a basin, the interior is about 4 feet lower than the exterior of the field. Lining the exterior are different huts to shoot at the enemies from. This is our main attack and defend style field, where one team attacks the defending team who cannot leave the village.

Fort Xtreme

Fort Xtreme is our newest addition to the field. It is a 120 x 120 foot fort that offers 4- 12 foot towers, a center 16 foot tower, and 8 foot walls. The field is used on large regular play days and for our big Attack The Fort game in September!

Tire Field

The Tire field is designed around the headshots! Keep your head low and advance on your enemies on this tactical field! If you poke your head out at the wrong time, BOOM, right in the mask!

Far field

The Far field is a larger field, for up to 50 players on each side. It's located on the farthest edge of our property and has a unique, heavily forested feel to it. Players can sneak through the brush and natural canopy to flank their opponents.

Short field

The Short field is our front-most woods field. It runs from the small Castle bunker to the Octagon.